Create. Destroy. Repeat.

Micro Wardrobe


A small space always lacks on luxury things like an large corridor therefore you have to be creative to store your clothing. In my case only a small corner less than 1.2m per 0.6m in the corridor was left. Unfortunately there is not a suitable solution on the market so I had to build it myself.


I already bought a METHOD tall cabinet (902.125.59) to store cleaning materials and mounted it on CAPITA legs (302.443.46). Temporarily we used a hallstand to hang up the coats but that looked always kind of messy. That in mind a cloakroom rail was an obvious choice so I ordered a custom stainless steel pipe. The METHOD cabinet already consumes 40cm of the available 1.2m space so doing the math only 80cm are left. Fortunately the 4x4 KALLAX measures only 77cm per 77cm.


Screws and Nuts

One important requirement was to easily assemble and disassemble the wardrobe. A lesson I learned from my previous Ikeahacks is that it is nearly impossible to staple Ikea forniture using wood screws. This time I choosed nuts and countersunk bolts to connect the pieces with the great advantage to easily reassemble the wardrobe in a different place.

Nuts and Bolts

Overall I needed 8 bolts with a 6mm diameter:

  • 4 x 6cm to connect the METHOD cabinet to the KALLAX
  • 2 x 3cm to connect the METHOD cabinet with the steel pipe
  • 2 x 5cm to connect the KALLAX with thes steel pipe


First of all assemble the METHOD cabinet and the KALLAX. As mentioned before I mounted the furniture on CAPITA legs.


To ensure that everything is in line a spirit level is kind of useful. Because KALLAX is nearly 20cm lesser in depth than METHOD I aligned it nearly in the middle of the cabinet and placed the steel pipe on its final position so that the cloak hooks couldn't bang on the wall. I connected METHOD to KALLAX on with 4 screws, 2 on each level.


Mark the 8 drill holes with a pen and carefully start with a 3mm followed by a 6mm drill bit. Especially the KALLAX surface tends to spinter while drilling holes. First connect KALLAX and the METHOD cabinet using the 6cm countersunk bolts, nuts and washers (washers on the METHOD side). Be very cerfully while tightening the nuts because the inside of the KALLAX is only made out of paper. With some skill you can sink the countersunk bolts in the KALLAX surface.

Drill HolesNuts

Go on with the steel pipe and use the 3cm screws for the METHOD and the 5cm for the KALLAX. Starting the project my main concern was that the steel pipe could be wonky but after the assemly I was quite surprised how solid the construction is in particular the steel pipe.

Final Assembly

Der Frisbee ist der Spiegel der Seele.